The Clavifix fixates the clavicular fracture by pulling the shoulder back. When the Clavicular bone is broken, the arm/ shoulder falls in front. This needs to be corrected by the brace. The brace functions as a clip, which is pushed on top of the shoulder. It is like a claw around the shoulder and pushes the shoulder back

The Clavicula fracture is a well-known injury within the racing cyclists’ world. It can be caused by falling down by outstretched hands, by falling and hitting the outside of the shoulder or by direct hitting the clavicle.

The clavicular bone, also called collar bone, is located around the collar in the upper torso of the human body. The “S”shaped (double-curved) bone is situated above and a bit in front of the first rib of the rib cage. On the shoulder side, the clavicular bone merges with a part of the shoulder blade (scapula), acromion. Main func- tion of the bone is to provide support for the arm and shoulder. Without it this bone your arm would get pulled down and would not have the free range of movement



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