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Medical startup Beacon

Beacon In more than a 25% of the situations that an ambulance is called on a scene, there is not enough information available about the patient. Information like the patient’s identity but also allergies, medicine use ICE-phone numbers. Through a wireless and immediate communication system Beacon provides ambulance personell with fast and up-to-date information. Preventing […]

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Guiding glass

The guiding glass The goal of the project was to replace the instructions from the informal caregiver by a product. Implementing this product, however, proves to be a difficult subject. Demented elderly will hardly understand the function of a new product in their life as it causes a change in their routine. They will also […]

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Kneebalance Even though Total Knee Replacement is a relatively successful operation, still 15% of patients remain unsatisfied with the results and 5% need revision surgery within 10 years (Cho, 2014; Noble et al, 2006). One of the possible explanations is suboptimal balancing of the knee during surgery (Unitt et al, 2008). BIOMET, one of the […]



Clavifix The Clavifix fixates the clavicular fracture by pulling the shoulder back. When the Clavicular bone is broken, the arm/ shoulder falls in front. This needs to be corrected by the brace. The brace functions as a clip, which is pushed on top of the shoulder. It is like a claw around the shoulder and […]

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WoodWatch The Wood Watch is a 3D printed watch. I created a watch that is built from a combination of a fine piece of timber and raw aluminum. Antoher special feature of the watch is that the watch straps are 3D printed. It is a solid material, which cause the special wearing experience. I designed […]

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Berbeza I designed this lamp during my minor Advanced Prototyping. Berbeza means contradiction, contrast, different in Malay. This is what the lamp embodies. The first contradiction embodied is from square to sphere. Another one is the use of materials. The brushed-aluminum plates stand for the industrial aspect of modern day. In contrast is the wooden […]

The bluepoints in context


Blue Points The Blue Points are recreational furniture placed on service areas along highways. The products radiate blue light at night which re-energizes motorists and will light the service area evenly. The products also serve an interactive function; they stimulate motorists to stroll around the service area which counteracts fatigue while driving. The design is […]